HED - Art for Legal Purposes.jpg

The Human Torch of Freedom

Originally the attention grabber for a proposed internet rabbit hole game about Ed Bernays, The Human Torch of Freedom easily became one of the site logos.  Just look at it.  It's actually the wrong green but ... look at it.

Properly Adjusted

This future logo for the High School Gallery was recently made in about 3 minutes, including a bathroom break, but deserves its own spot for as long as the lights are on.

PNR Stay Calm

Sometimes a few odd ends fit together and then all you gotta do is stretch out a rug, Terra form mars, color up a radio Aaaaaaand ... Art.

PNR Coming Soon

Other times, after a few odd ends fit together and then all you gotta do is stretch out a rug, Terra form mars and color up a radio, you add a dash of suspense.  And yet still artier.

Heritage Not Hate

In case you were wondering, this is very funny.

Anger School

You just chip away all the bits and bytes that Aren't Angst 

Pseudo Science Fair Poster

Someday.  For now, just a poster and a dream of stands of mysticism, misinformation and phrenology scalp massage.  Make your own cookies, flat earth funnel cakes, and all the cryptozoological balloon animals you can eat.   Someday.  

Same Old Story Cover

Some lessons seem to be worth learning over and over again.

The DD Saga Cover

In the year 19XX, after the nuclear war, the only thing that matters more than trust ... is betrayal.

Hanks For Everything Cover

When the universes are at stake, there's only one man you can trust, all three of him.

Hand Axe Boy

Context would only limit you on this one. 

Her Father's Daughter

Necessity is the mother of invention, her father is tV Headman,

Sodom and Gamera

Long live this joke in all it's forms.

I don't know what you're saying either

This exists … as it is. Definitely not a waste of time

Crayon Moon Hell

You put the words on the pictures. It’s just that easy and just that hard. Then you butcher a quote. Easiest part.


Down by the banks of the hanky panky, where I couldn’t think of anything to say that isn’t already in blue script.