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Episode 1: Blue Crush & Crystal Meth


Part 1: The Life and Times of Shawnee Smith

Selected parts of Shawnee Smith's career told as her life story.  We've been madly in love with her since Summer School and here is a run down of her life as if it were her filmography.  This whole thing comes from something Patton Oswalt wrote called the Story of Johnny Lawrence about the bad guy from Karate Kid.  It's a really fun game to play.


Shawnee Smith

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Part 2: Blue Crush and Crystal Meth

With enough moxy you can do anything you want, but this includes methamphetamine.  You can go wherever you want, from tropical paradises to peace loving communities, but all these places have methamphetamine.  At the very heart of America there is a passion for individuality, and more than a healthy amount of methamphetamine.  So with these words from the road we bid you ape fondue on your own journeys ... (sigh) ... just watch out for the ... everybody, now ... meth-am-phet-a-meeeeean. 

Places referenced

Kauai, HI


Seattle, WA


Asheville, NC


Velvet Elvis

Fortune Teller

Sketchy weirdos with different color glasses