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Episode 1: Ed Bernays, Great Lives & Empty Shells


Part 1: What the bleep do we know about propaganda

Perception is the light we imbue with our hopes and dreams ... wait.  Public Relations opens up our creativity and social synergy to the natural path of ... no, that's not right.  PROPAGANDA DESTROYS OUR ABILITY TO THINK!  Okay ... it's cool ... we are the petri dishes infected by the bright smiles and evolutionary weaknesses of propaganda's methods and paradigms.  (You can skip down to the sentence right before Fun Fact, if you like, this next part gets a little loony.)

 A brief treatise on the juxtaposition of propaganda and bacterium.  One, bacterial americans are just tiny little squirrels trying to get, ah, tiny little nuts, where as, this ... africanized propaganda knows where you live as well as the generalized, algorithmic interpretation of what you are likely to do next summer.  Two, bacteria is a horror with a heart of gold, while propaganda is the guy on the coach of the mind.  Bacteria is a brevity of soulless wit, two to the back of the head and good night ladies ... chemically speaking.  Propaganda wants to ride your prejudices and insecurities long after the race has been run and you've been pasted into the obituary.  Propaganda gets a cut off every I love you and it eyes your children inappropriately at school sports functions. 

And the creepy uncle of this creepy uncle is Mr. Edward Bernays

Fun Fact: Bernays' own creepy uncle, Sigmund "Eight Ball" Freud, is widely discredited by modern psychology, including his theories and methodologies.  However, Lil' Eddie B. based much of his propaganda theories and methodologies on Freud's work, and those theories and methods, for short*, became the foundation of modern public relations which is a major influential force behind the personal lives of the modern psychology community.

Q.  How do you like them apples?

A.  Clear coated for best results in a photo shoot.  Dummy.

Now, Where were we, yes, Edward Bernays.  He brought home the bacon and ruined the basic premise of freedom.


Edward Bernays

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Part 2: The secret is that better people are boring people

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*Funner Fact:  "methods, for short" is two letters longer than "methodologies", which is not as funny as if it had been one letter longer or possibly of equal length.