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Episode 3: Where In the world is Carmen Sandiego


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Case 1: Friday The Popes Ring slept late

Part 1: Mexi-co-habitating with danger

When we were young and all our classwork was done, there were two computer games they'd let us play.  Both were fine games that got us to shut up and focus long enough to learn important skills like cursive writing and balancing a check book.  One was a game about a trail that taught you about the pioneer days and the cold grip of death.  Truly a fine game that will most certainly get it's time in our spot light.  But today we go back and take a crack at Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, very much for the purposes of review and critique.  When we were not lying dead in a gulch from dysentery, we were out globe hopping and talking to bizarre characters about extremely cursory, cultural facts in the pursuit of the the world's finest master criminal.  Many of us young men, and women (let's be modern), didn't fully realize just what exactly we were chasing but to this day she still remains just out of reach.


Carmen Sandiego

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Interlude: Censor-shipping the blame off on the listener

If we've learned anything from the few times we've f#cked up and ordered crab around someone who watches reality television, it's that you public like censored profanity.  F___k this, f___k that.  You love it, you c__ts.  That was the word cents, which would have been out of place and not funny there but with a few under scores your mind is in the ladies underwear aisle and the joke is accomplished.  So too is it that we present us saying silly things and letting you assume the worst.

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Friday The Popes Ring slept late

Part 2:  Meet Me Where the Sun Never Sets

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Note: Couldn't fit this link into the pompadour part.  What a time to be alive.