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Audio Naughtio: Uplifting, Final Fantasy and Lil Davey Ike - PNR Ep 22

In this episode we force evolution, we force comedy and we force the very air to compress and expand to our will.  Let this be a lesson to all those who would dream, day dream or nod off slightly during school, church and work causing their heads to jerk back and their mouths to tell lies.  Your sugar plum fairies have reached the very edge of darkness and have returned carmelized in the prunes of their discontent. Also we did a run down of the famous people who died in November.  It’s a lot of fun.

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80s toys part 1 - PNR Ep 21

Out of the molds of old come the childish things we're not ready to put away. We've got until the streetlights come on to tell you about a time when toys were more valuable when taken out of the package. Back before irony was the national pastime, people really cared about children and what they played with. Now that may not be true in the least, but something about that back then balance of bullshit, somehow managed to loose upon the world, a whole christian bonfire of fantastic things to shut up those little bastards and bastardettes. So stay tuned for this very important sounds a little something like this.

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Vidier Games, Bidna and Life - PNR Ep 19

Here's what we talked about: Consoles vs Computers vs Useful Conversations, Pokemon quotes from Grinder, Gamestop destroying old NES cases, Mark continues his never ending adversarial relationship with everything, Phantasmagoria, Abandon-ware, Night Trap, Fallout, Mutant League, 90s internet porn, The dancing baby

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Improv a Go Go - PNR Ep 16

An original song by Lil Davey Ike & His Reptilian Catilian about Lee Harvey Oswald and his post assassination career as a mall kiosk worker, News about Jesse Camp News about Bojangles and Cookout Vs Dick's Burgers News about electromagnetic sensitivity A video game review of being able to change the color scheme of Final Fantasy Legend 3

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Living Room part 2- PNR Ep 14

Ok, so how do we all get along? As we dig further into the Seattle subculture scene ... we dig further still. Past the signs, flags, ideologies and alliances, down past the groups and into the individuals. What makes the people tick who make the groups tick who make the movements tick.

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Living Room part 1 - PNR Ep 13

Living room is a conversation about what it was like moving to Seattle from back East. In this first segment we start off with Seattle's own masked vigilante, Phoenix Jones, and then move from justice into social justice. What do the battles against the powers of darkness and disagreement look like to the innocent bystanders. After all that we wrap up with a nice little chat about the Real Ghost busters cartoon from the 80s.

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TV Dads Part 3 - PNR Ep 12

Damn near in time for Father's Day, we finish up our TV Dads series. We cover Patrick Duffy, Bob Uecker, Homer Simpson, Andy Griffith. We question Mike Brady's commitment, the crimes of Carl Winslow and Howard Cunningham and continue attacking Michael Landon ... if only for ... werewolf pictures. Viva Jay Sherman and Dennis the Menace Rex.

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PNR Episode 11: TV Dads Part 2

In Part 2 of our TV Dads series we tackle, spackle, donner and blitz those televised paternals who don't quite make the grade or fail miserably.  A few of those fun fellows: Michael Landon, Earl Sinclair and the alien box from Out of this World. And of course we talked about Knight Rider.

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Perfectly Normal Radio Ep 10: TV Dads Part 1

Thanks to the magic of television we all had a village of fathers raising us. Some rich, some poor. Some black, some white. And it was the eighties so that was about a far as the advertisers were going dabble in reality. Some episode’s were very funny, others very special. But in the end we have to rank them and argue about it, stop ranking them and the get side tracked.

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Perfectly Normal Radio Ep 9: Carmen Sandiego Case 4

In this here episode, we're continuin' up a posse to ride after Carmen Sandiego and we're not gonna stop until we're tired of tweaking knobs and making obscure references. Also, being apparent members of the oldest profession, we have included an endorsement in an attempt to be more appealing to powerful moneyed interests.