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80s toys part 1 - PNR Ep 21

Out of the molds of old come the childish things we're not ready to put away. We've got until the streetlights come on to tell you about a time when toys were more valuable when taken out of the package. Back before irony was the national pastime, people really cared about children and what they played with. Now that may not be true in the least, but something about that back then balance of bullshit, somehow managed to loose upon the world, a whole christian bonfire of fantastic things to shut up those little bastards and bastardettes. So stay tuned for this very important sounds a little something like this.

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Vidier Games, Bidna and Life - PNR Ep 19

Here's what we talked about: Consoles vs Computers vs Useful Conversations, Pokemon quotes from Grinder, Gamestop destroying old NES cases, Mark continues his never ending adversarial relationship with everything, Phantasmagoria, Abandon-ware, Night Trap, Fallout, Mutant League, 90s internet porn, The dancing baby

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Perfectly Normal Radio Ep 9: Carmen Sandiego Case 4

In this here episode, we're continuin' up a posse to ride after Carmen Sandiego and we're not gonna stop until we're tired of tweaking knobs and making obscure references. Also, being apparent members of the oldest profession, we have included an endorsement in an attempt to be more appealing to powerful moneyed interests.