Final Fantasy

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Audio Naughtio: Uplifting, Final Fantasy and Lil Davey Ike - PNR Ep 22

In this episode we force evolution, we force comedy and we force the very air to compress and expand to our will.  Let this be a lesson to all those who would dream, day dream or nod off slightly during school, church and work causing their heads to jerk back and their mouths to tell lies.  Your sugar plum fairies have reached the very edge of darkness and have returned carmelized in the prunes of their discontent. Also we did a run down of the famous people who died in November.  It’s a lot of fun.

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Improv a Go Go - PNR Ep 16

An original song by Lil Davey Ike & His Reptilian Catilian about Lee Harvey Oswald and his post assassination career as a mall kiosk worker, News about Jesse Camp News about Bojangles and Cookout Vs Dick's Burgers News about electromagnetic sensitivity A video game review of being able to change the color scheme of Final Fantasy Legend 3