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Vidier Games, Bidna and Life - PNR Ep 19

Here's what we talked about: Consoles vs Computers vs Useful Conversations, Pokemon quotes from Grinder, Gamestop destroying old NES cases, Mark continues his never ending adversarial relationship with everything, Phantasmagoria, Abandon-ware, Night Trap, Fallout, Mutant League, 90s internet porn, The dancing baby

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TV Dads Part 3 - PNR Ep 12

Damn near in time for Father's Day, we finish up our TV Dads series. We cover Patrick Duffy, Bob Uecker, Homer Simpson, Andy Griffith. We question Mike Brady's commitment, the crimes of Carl Winslow and Howard Cunningham and continue attacking Michael Landon ... if only for ... werewolf pictures. Viva Jay Sherman and Dennis the Menace Rex.

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Perfectly Normal Radio Ep 9: Carmen Sandiego Case 4

In this here episode, we're continuin' up a posse to ride after Carmen Sandiego and we're not gonna stop until we're tired of tweaking knobs and making obscure references. Also, being apparent members of the oldest profession, we have included an endorsement in an attempt to be more appealing to powerful moneyed interests.


Episode 2: Ed Bernays & Empty Shells

First, we offer you an introduction, if needed, to Edward Bernays who pioneered the ideas and methods that get people to buy things they don't need.  Next, we discuss garbage, new-new age movies, What the Bleep Do We Know and The Secret.  Last, we have a few mean things to say about the people who corner you at parties and on barges to tell you all about their impressive lives without bothering to make it the least bit interesting.