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    Someday PersonOrPersons will be in every household, and for only a nickel.  Your great grandchildren will launch their essences off in tiny little robot space ships to trillions of new suns just to let them folks know that PersonOrPersons is ready for whatever they've got going on.  And since it would seem that we cannot find a way around causality, it would also seem that we have to start somewhere. 

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    So we begin our tale with a series of blogs, podcasts and comics released onto the internet during it's post wild west consolidation phase.  Gone were the days of the great geocities, when messages were instant and babies danced to the songs of their forefathers.  The curtain opens on the 'about us' section of a struggling little mom and pop satire store nestled into a block of vanity projects made by a self replicating wordpress site.  Our little funny-ish bodega is well decorated with heart and enthusiasm but can't seem to break out of the fact that every damn website is damn near exactly the same.  The spot light softens on an aging writer sitting on a stool, typing on a laptop at a tool bench, giggling like an idiot about describing himself as aging... 

Opening Game

  In this wretched year of our lord twenty something, the web has long since been woven and begun to tangle.  Much as one had to rob to get rich in the Regan era, in the digital age of glass, one must reach the public with computers and bite sized amusements in the hopes of soaking them for this month's rent.

Middle Game

  As the crowd gathers to watch a duct tape and zip tie psyche twitch upon the ground, they feel compelled to leave behind bits of their wealth and taste.  As they lay their bits beside the pile of sore bones, the two become one and a newly golden skeleton marches down the main street to announce the good news.  Today your love, tomorrow the world.

Closing Game

  Heavy lies the crown but long since had all the heads been put together with the weight of the world resting comfortably in the shade.  Long dead are the god emperors and the tales better left untold.  And as the ancient prayers are returned on the breeze unanswered, and the great truths etched in stone are eroded away by embarrassment, we gladly embalm ourselves in silly poses hoping that someday, someone will deem our few remaining golden truths ... dumb enough re-purpose into some stupid, future version of a web comic.

Short Version

Start - Crowdfund cheap content with a mark up worked in

Sustain - Roll marked up funds into larger scope projects, gathering resources and infra structure as needed

Finish - One of those old sci fi executions that sets in motion the larger plan that we will come up with later

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  We are just as legion as the next guys.  We've survived sites where the great steel beasts eat the sins of the past.  We've braved the jungles where indians dress like cowboys.  We've defiled our skin with the horrors of the silver screen.  We also like watermelon slushies and 80s electro.

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Feedback Loop
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  Slow down.  We're still doing the site shake out.